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  • cmr

    Comprehensive Medication Review

    Digital & Clinical Review Of Medications For Effectiveness, Risks And Utilization & Cost Options

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  • jc

    JCode Calculator

    Specialty Medication Fee Schedule With Approved Diagnoses And Quantities

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  • mac

    Customizable Maximum Allowable Cost List

    Build Your Own MAC With Complete Transparency

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  • psq

    Patient Specific Queries

    Digital & Clinical Edits For Monitoring Medication Effectiveness And Risks

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  • pa

    Prior Authorization

    Compliance With FDA Approved Indications And Usage

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  • tc

    Treatment Calendar

    Artificial Intelligence Rule Sets Applied To Integrated Data To Identify And Trend Complex Clinical Problems

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  • tmdm

    Trend Management & Disease Map

    Oversight Of Financial Trend And Clinical Usage

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  • home

    Pro Pharma Pharmaceutical Consultants, Inc.

    Understand, Predict, Change.

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