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Barry Pascal

Consulting Pharmacist

    Areas of Expertise:
  • Responsible for research and analyses to support of Pharmacy Claims Audit Projects
  • Lead Pro Pharma Pharmacist and has provided quality oversight of Client formularies, MAC Lists and Part B and D Workbooks to support Claims Audits
  • Responsible for Benefit and Formulary/QL/ST coding and verification
  • Developed and/or modified numerous analyses and reporting functions to meet Client Project needs
  • Oversight/Education of internal analysis teams for coordination and standardization of Client outputs and quality control

Description of Experience:

Dr. Pascal has over thirty-five (35) years of retail pharmacy experience as the owner and operator of Northridge Pharmacy. He has over seven (7) years’ experience in formulary development, audit support, and benefit design and coding. Dr. Pascal provides Pro Pharma with incomparable knowledge, insight and information regarding the retail pharmacy and pharmaceutical Industry. His professional networks span retail, PhRMA, PBMs, pharmaceutical distributors, and both chain and independent pharmacy contacts. Since Dr. Pascal joined Pro Pharma in 2009, he has been instrumental in claim oversight improvements to our Pharmacy and Medical Claims Audits, recommendations for process change to PBM pharmacy network oversight, comprehensive Specialty Analyses Audits and Invoice Screens™.

Dr. Pascal graduated from the University of Southern California as a PharmD and has continuously worked in hospitals and most specifically the retail pharmacy arena. Dr. Pascal was the Owner of Northridge Pharmacy in Southern California and foraged numerous contacts professionally, clinically and politically in support of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Dr. Pascal is the lead pharmacist in collaboration with Dr. Stern. He has extensive experience and knowledge of these specific analytical processes in Pharmacy Claims Audits, and identifies valuable trends, issues and concerns for Client review and evaluation. He works collaboratively with all Pro Pharma Team members on Pharmacy Claims Audits and other Client projects to meet or exceed Client expectations. His expertise is invaluable to Pro Pharma in meeting Client needs in a thorough, innovative and expeditious manner.

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