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Vendor Proposals Evaluated Rapidly & Efficiently in a Customized Document-Linking Program

Do you want to take the RFP process out of the "dark ages" and into the electronic and web-based world?

Are you tired of reading dozens of bulky 3-ring binders?

Is your RFP process labor-intensive and time-consuming?

Our proprietary templates allow you to focus on your organizational priorities. Weighted vendor scoring methodology simplifies the final decision-making process easier than ever before. We will manage the RFP process from the first compilation of potential vendors through the final selection of the PBM vendor via email and web-based communications.

    We have automated the RFP process with the following key features:
  • Viewing of several vendor responses in head-to-head
  • Cost accounting for comparison of vendor financial submissions
  • Customized to your needs and priorities
  • Comparison viewed electronically or in print format
  • Key word search capability

Request for Proposal Management at Work

Problem: A client us to design a digital system for Request For Proposals (RFPs) that would be more efficient, easier to compare responses, provide in depth financial evaluations, and allow for reviewers to comment and exchange ideas. The goal was to project RFPs into the digital arena and to simplify comparisons to speed up the process and allow for faster and more efficient reviews.

Methodology: Clients always request more efficient and faster ways to move through the RFP process. We designed a digital format for RFPs that used fixed length responses accepted digitally. Questions were customized and focused specifically to the needs of the client as well as questions commonly used in the marketplace. The length of responses forces vendors to minimize marketing messages and provide clear and precise answers to RFP questions. The digital format also allowed for faster turnaround of responses. All responses included hyperlinks to supporting documentation.

We added financial analyses from our library that allowed for comparative results and targeted filters to identify differences in the respondents. The RFP digital format also allowed for RFPs to be used for a multiplicity of uses including RFPs for PBMs, drug manufacturers, and clinical comprehensive medication review/medication therapy management (CMR/MTM) vendors.

Outcome: The digital RFP format was implemented and allowed for a two-week response rate, head-to-head comparisons, extensive financial comparisons, and more affordable budget impact due to faster turn-around-times. The RFPs were available 24-7 on the cloud so that the Review Team could be reviewed from any location. The client was extremely pleased with the in-depth level of explanations and understanding of the process.

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