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    Pro Pharma Pharmaceutical Consultants
    ProData Analytics

    Delivering Quality Consulting & Analytics Since 1986

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  • SMA


    Financial and clinical evaluations accompanied by tools to manage the drivers of change.

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  • CAA

    Concurrent Audit and Analyses

    Pharmacy Invoice Analyses – Identify, Prioritize & Manage Rx Adjudication Issues

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  • RA

    Retrospective Audit

    Pharmacy Audits & Management Prioritizing Corrective Actions Automatically

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  • FP

    Forecasting & Predictions

    Artificial Intelligence to Forecast and Predict the Impact of Specific Factors on Population

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  • PC

    Pre-Certification of Specialty Medication

    Prior Authorization Criteria with Efficacy, Dosing, Frequency, Combination Therapy & Cost

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  • RFP

    Request for Proposal (RFP) Management

    Vendor Proposals Evaluated Rapidly & Efficiently in a Customized Document-Linking Program

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  • Analytics


    Rapidly, efficiently, and graphically utilize integrated claims data to customize your analyses.

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  • SMA

    Specialty Medication Analyses

    Analyze & Validate All Elements of Medical & Pharmacy Spend and Actions for Outlier Providers

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  • FWA

    Fraud, Waste & Abuse

    Identify FWA at Pharmacy, Provider, & Patient Levels for Interventions and Correction

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  • JCC

    JCode Calculator

    Identify Specialty Rx HCPCS, NDCs, Pricing, Dx, Usage, FDA Alerts and Genomic Tests

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  • MAC

    Maximum Allowable Cost List

    Customized MAC List – Transparent, Accessible & All the Savings Go to the Payers

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  • CMR

    Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) for Populations

    Automated Review of Medication - Link to Billing, EMR, Patient & Prescriber Letters

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  • CC

    Clinical Compliance

    Digital & Clinical Edits for Monitoring Medication Effectiveness and Risks

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  • QMP

    Quality Management Program for Populations

    Improving Quality-Prescribing Decisions for Your Members, Without Having to Change your Benefits

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