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Pro Pharma consults on pharmacy benefits and analytics issues. All evaluations and recommendations are based on extensive analyses. Evaluating every dollar spent is important to the payer to allow for planning, management of overall spend, and prioritizing management objectives. Consulting includes financial and clinical evaluations accompanied by tools to manage the drivers of change. Consulting also includes predictions for change and tools to help with changes in partners to support management initiatives.


Having data at your fingertips is a management imperative. Having analytics that are easy to use and interpret is a crucial management tool. While big data employs specialized mathematical tools, the technology marketplace has moved much of the simple analyses to reporting that can be used on the desktop or mobile environments. Pro Pharma and ProData Analytics have developed tools that will bring analytics to the manager who is not an analyst. Many of these tools rapidly, efficiently, and graphically utilize integrated claims data. An extensive list of filters makes it easy to customize your analyses.