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The History

Pro Pharma is a Woman-Owned Consulting Firm that specializes in Healthcare Consulting and Analytics, with a focus on, Pharmacy Benefits and Organizational Strategy for Health Care Systems. As an outgrowth of our Consulting we have developed IT capabilities for over 30 years that are geared to Standardization and Analysis of Integrated Data Sets (i.e., Medical Encounter, Member, Provider, Pharmacy Claim detail, etc.).

We have significant expertise in Programming, Systems Analysis, and Data Analysis. We developed Pro Data Analytics due to demand for more analytical work, outside of the pharmaceuitcal industry.

The Teams

In addition to a President and Chief Executive Officer, we employ a staff of Pharmacists, Nurses, CPA, programmers, data analysts, physicists and support personnel. Additionally, there are numerous contracted workers who are utilized and assigned to assist with various projects, on an as needed basis. Those contracted workers include Physicians, Trainers, Pharmacist/Lawyer and Programmers.

Our teams composed of a Project Manager and applicable staff members are responsible for implementing each Client engagement. Dr. Stern has overall responsibility for all clinical and technical functions, while Ms. Stern has overall responsibility for all Client management. Team members are chosen for their expertise in complementing the requirements of each Client engagement.

Team Leaders

Craig Stern

Clinical & Project Management

Carol Stern

Client Management

John Mitchel

Programing & Analytics